TriConnex is your solution for digital communications. 

Two-way radio technology enables teams with reliable, clear, and seamless communication, whether in the office or on-site. TriConnex's product line provides your team with the latest digital technology and necessary functionality to ensure instant communication and coordination.

One-To-One or Fleet Wide Calling

Many organizations that have replaced radios with cell phones have lost sight of the benefit of the group call feature. Employees can be reached immediately and coordinate when needed out in the field with the TriConnex system, which allows for group and individual calls.

No Need to Change Channels

As you travel from one site to the next, you can keep your focus on the job instead of hassling with manual channel changes on your communication system. Dynamic site roaming automatically registers you with the nearest site so you can travel and always stay connected.

Emergency Distress

Every available radio has a button to alert a supervisor or dispatcher in an emergency situation and can be set up to alert as many radios as desired. Location coordinates can also be sent to the dispatcher using GPS location services.

Text Messaging

Make sure your employees can quickly and easily share information when voice communication isn’t an option. Text messaging is ideal for sending messages that don’t need an immediate response or when voice conversation could be disruptive.

GPS Tracking

Radios have an integrated GPS module so you can track vehicles and people. Unlike other GPS-capable radios, the module is integrated into the handset, so there’s no clumsy equipment to attach, carry, or maintain. You can manage your mobile workforce more effectively and respond quickly.

Integrated Voice & Data

TriConnex supports both voice and data, including text messaging, GPS location tracking capability, and custom applications such as dispatch, work order ticket solutions, email gateways, network monitoring, man- down and much more — all with the remarkable convenience of one device.

Cellular Integration

With TriConnex, your office employees can easily and efficiently communicate with your field team through the use of our TriConnex smartphone app. This solution seamlessly connects cellular devices with your radio system without any lag in communication. 

Exceptional Coverage

TriConnex's communication system is an affordable, ideal alternative to cellular in rural areas. In fact, you're guaranteed better coverage in places where buildings don't block radio waves. Stop worrying and start communicating with your team.

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